Sunday, October 23, 2005

Soothing to My Soul

The day is dark and gloomy yet soothing to my soul. I lift my face to the sky and let the darkness take me. Yet, it is uplifting to my spirit, the warm wind blowing into the darkness, birds chirping in the vast desolated land. As the sky slowly lets go of its tears, I feel that I'm not the only element that feels this way today.

Nothing can ease this darkness that has overwhelmed me. Knowing that today is a good day to feel this way. Knowing that my surroundings are uplifting to my mood on this dark and gloomy day puts a smile on my face with the knowledge that it is just for today.

Spring is fast approaching and new life given to the land. I know I too will begin anew on this day. The disappointments of the cold past of winter will soon leave us. Children will be running, singing and playing outdoors, no matter what the day holds from this point forward.

I know this mood will soon pass. It is as temperamental as the weather. Ever changing with out warning. Giving and taking as it seems fit. Emotional rawness in every depth of my being will storm out and bring out the beauty for tomorrow.

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