Sunday, October 23, 2005

Let Me Be

Don’t take me down the path of dreams, I won’t watch.
Don’t take me to the memories, I won’t remember.
Don’t take me to the feelings of before; my heart is frozen from the pain so I cannot feel.
Times are hard enough with the memory of what was to be.
Realize what went wrong. Grieve for your mistakes but leave me be.

I sit here in my own thoughts that punish me nightly.
To get to sleep is painful as the thoughts pour out of my memory - things of yester year.
In sleep I am haunted by dreams that are in my subconscious being.
My soul is tired and weak so please leave me be.

I grieve for what is lost.
Punishing me in self mourning.
I want to feel… to be me again.
I know this will happen in time.
Patience was not my creator’s gift to me so just leave me be.

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