Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Touch of Fate

A man sitting alone in the park, watching daylight fades to dark. His mood is set inside, as people stroll along passing him by. He sits there holding his head; with the pain inside whishing he was dead.
His beloved left him, with a shrug and a grin. Stating it has been fun, but I must move on. The feelings and the time we shared – oh don’t get me wrong “I cared.” Yet, I know for me, there is something deeper waiting by the sea. A love so pure and true, come on baby don’t be blue. You knew this time would come, I would have to run.
Yet as he sat there all alone, he knew he let his true love move on. As darkness approaches the end of twilight he screams into the night. The pain burned into his soul, he rises to face the night alone and cold.