Monday, October 24, 2005

Truth of it All

You want a poem
As I sit here thinking alone
One of love and happiness
Or one of loss and sadness
On ward the keys I type
I will try to write
The poem you wish to read
As I sit here with my heart I bleed
Frighten was the child
Strong yet so meek and mild
Could match any man
Yes I am yes I can
You crossed my path
Leave before you taste my wrath
Neither wander nor roam did you go
Your love for me is what you show
How could I be a man
In this never never land
On ward we went
Always looking back, spent
Times were not the best
Yet at night I knew where to rest
My head lay gently across your chest
And the soothing of your caress
The want of the late night talks
Or maybe moon lit walks
Grass is greener on the other side
How I wanted that fabulous ride
Now the years gone by
I sit here and sigh
Knowing now
The grass was greener some how
…on our side

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