Sunday, October 23, 2005


I am the beholder of these thoughts…
thoughts of the beauty I see.

Soft pale skin warm to the touch,
soft to the lips, sweet to the tongue.
Deep eyes, bears the soul,
looks deep with in, searching for something.
Sensual pale rose lips, wet to the touch,
innocent to the taste, lively to the flesh.
High cheek bones and predominate nose.
Smile that sparks the day and glimmers the night.
Eyebrows lush and full.
Face that is soft and warm,
easy to touch and wanting to please.
Hands that are soft to feel,
firm to hold, and rough to tease.
Arms that are strong with the gentleness to caress.
Shoulders that are wide, bold and proud.
Back that is muscular and firm and soft.
Chest that is brave,
heart that pounds solid and strong.
Abdomen that is soft and tender,
strong and wise.
Legs that are thick as the loins they hold,
long in length with muscle and grace.
Ankles that are warm, tender and sweet.

** The brain is warm, caring, gentle, loving,sensual, lusting, wanting, honest, hopeful, non-domineering, supportive, kind and tender, intelligent, opinionated and knowledgeable.
** The touch is electrical, eccentric and intimate.
** The smell is breath taking, unnerving and sensual.
** The taste is erotic, sweet, tingling, tempting and wonderful.

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