Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Little Sprite Within

The little sprite within
Filled with hope and dreams
To fly away on their wings
A secret place only for them, it seems
Where love longs to begin
Romance is alive
Where friendships commence to thrive
And happiness and tenderness survive
When the sun is setting
Music is the charm
Friends dance in each others arms
With no hesitations and no alarms
The little sprite’s betting
Love is in the air
Without a warning or care
The little sprite is now the maiden fair


~*~Little Sprite~*~ said...

Treasure Hunt One

Good job!!! You deserve a prize!!!

Leave your comment and you will receive an e-mail with an attachment and another clue if you so wish to continue...

Joe said...

Here I am. Another clue and my first prize? Yes please!

Tell me though. How does this page already identify me as Joe, especially considering I've never blogged here before? A spritely little trick I suppose.

Tag, you're it.