Sunday, October 23, 2005

Light of Day

As the light of day comes into play,
I still lay there between sleep and awake.

The first thought in my head is the dream.
Holding, touching, caressing,
Intimate times that are made for night.

To find the one to make it right into the light,
The dream into reality is what I seek.
I’m looking for a friend to be with,
I want to share the time that is wistful in my dream.
I want to bond and not run.
I in turn want to have fun,
live life to the fullest with the one in my dream.

He is sweet and kind,
Caring and loving,
Compassionate and compromising,
Loves life and all it has to offer.
Supportive and eager,
Works hard and plays harder.
Intimate and sensual,
Sexy and hot,
Lustful and longs for only me.

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